Fabulous Breakfast Sandwich – Must Try!

This lovely breakfast sandwich will leave you completely satisfied, yet wanting more! This comes from The Oregonian by way of Little Red Bike Cafe in Portland and their now famous Alleycat Breakfast Sandwich – meow!!!┬áLisa and I made this last weekend and cannot get enough!!!

The Sandwich
2 slices toasted ciabatta bread
carmelized onion
1 slice of prosciutto
fig jam
Dijon mustard
> Toast the bottom bread first, then layer onion, prosciutto; spread fig jam and dijon.
> (This makes it ready for the egg and cheese to slide on in the next step.)
1 egg over easy
1/8 cup Beechers Flagship grated cheese (mix of sharp cheddar and gruyere)
> Melt butter, cook egg and flip when whites have set.
> Toast the top of the sandwich so it’s nice and hot.
> Sprinkle cheese on flipped egg and let melt (30-60 seconds max)
> Place egg on top of sandwich bottom and place toasted top next.
> Cut in half so yolk breaks a little and makes a little dipping sauce.
> Enjoy!
The Carmelized Onion
Simple. Slice an onion into thin rings. Melt 2 TBs butter over medium high heat, add onions and stir until soft & starting to brown, then reduce heat to medium-low-ish and cook for 40 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes or so. These will keep for a week, so make ahead of time and microwave them for 15 seconds to heat up for easy application.