Hashcapade at 3 Degrees

Another hashcapade at 3 Degrees, right along the waterfront. I had the Short Rib Hash and Lisa had the Chicken & Leeks Hash, which I thought was the better of the two even though my Blackberry’s stingy 2 megapixel camera didn’t do it justice. 

My short rib hash was full of flavor, but can’t beat my Chipotle Sous Vide Short Rib Hash!

Hashcapade at Broder Cafe

A classic hash from Sweden is called Pytt I Panna and Broder Cafe in southeast Portland provides the perfect ambiance in which to experience it! Served in individual mini-pans, almost Le Creuset-like, the attention to detail was amazing – small dice, pickled beets, precision baked eggs and wonderful flavor.

I had the Smoked Trout Hash, which was perfectly cooked, full of flavor and filling. Some restaurants serve a bigger portion, but this was perfect. Plus, it left room for the little treats they sell, ginger snaps with crystallized ginger – yum!

If you go there, be sure to get there promptly at 9AM when they open to enjoy the neighborhood vibe and excellent service.