List of Portland (+ Other Cities) Hashcapdes

I’ve officially reached 20+ hashcapades in Portland (+ other cities) and thought it might be helpful to have a list, a directory of sorts. Need the website for the restaurant? Check! Need to read my hashcapade for the restaurant, if posted? Check! Need to know what kind of hash is served? Check! What? You want to see a picture of the hash? Check-o-rama! See how simple this is? Looking for recipes for Chez Clark Hashcapades? Check! Wondering about celebrity chef hashcades? Check!

Please excuse missing photos and/or hashcapades as some were pre-Catalyst for My Hashcapade Blog post: 🙂 

Happy Hashcapades!


Circa 33
Smoked Trout & Mushroom Hash

List of PDX Hashcapades (+ Other Cities)

Arleta Library Cafe
Pork Belly Hash (Varies)
Hashcapade: Beast Hashcapade

Bijou Cafe

Roast Beef Hash, Mushroom Hash, Neetarts Bay Oyster Hash

Broder Cafe
Pytt I Pana w/ Smoked Trout, Pytt I Pana Vegetarian

Hashcapade: Hascapade at Broder Cafe

Byways Cafe
Mt Rushmore Hash, Meg’s Veggie Mountain
Hashcapade: Byways Cafe Hashcapade

Cafe Murrayhill
Sausage Hash
Hashcapade: Cafe Murrayhill

The Cheesecake Factory
Doug Fir Lounge
Harvest Hash, Smoked Salmon Hash
Hashcapade: None
Fuller’s Coffee Shop
Pastrami Hash

Hall Street Grill

Porkstrami Hash, Duck Confit Hash
Elizabeth Fuss, Hall Street Grill and Hash

Hash Restaurant

Chicken Fried Steak, Corned Beef, Mushroom, Root Veggie
Hashcapade at The Heathman Restaurant

Heathman Restaurant
Corned Beef Hash, Hickory Smoked Salmon Hash

Corned Beef Hash (Beer infused CB)
Urbanspoon Listing
Hashcapde at Jam Cafe & Arthouse

Kenny and Zuke’s
Pastrami or Corned Beef Hash, Salmon Hash

Hashcapade: None
Le Petit Provence Portland
Northwest Salmon Hash, Corned Beef Hash

Milo’s City Cafe

Hash & Eggs: Vegetarion, Carbonara, 
Corned Beef, Smoked Salmon
Hashcapade: Hashcapde at Milo’s City Cafe

Mother’s Bistro
Wild Salmon Hash
Hashcapade: Mother’s Bistro

Ned Ludd


Podnah’s Pit
Smoked Trout Hash, Brisket Hash

Red Star Tavern
House Made Chorizo Hash

The Screen Door
Tofu Hash, Beef Brisket Hash, Vegetable Hash

Tasty n Sons

Morocan Chicken Hash
Hashcapade: None

Three Degrees Restaurant
Short Rib Hash, Golden Flannel Hash, 
Chicken & Leek Hash

Hashes Vary – Bacon Hash this Day
Hashcapade: A Toast to Toast


Wild Abandon Restaurant
Pullled Pork Hash
Hashcapades Outside Portland

Local Mission Eatery (San Francisco)


Lowell’s Restaurant and Bar (Seattle)
Slow-Braised Corned Beef Hash
Egginton’s (Casper, WY)
Andouille Sausage Hash
Fig Restaurant (Santa Monica)
Corned Beef Hash

Hashcapade: LA Confidential Hashcapades

Huckleberry Cafe (Santa Monica)
Niman Ranch Brisket Hash
Hashcapade: LA Confidential Hashcapades

Lon’s at Hermosa Inn (Phoenix)
Short Rib Hash
Hashcapade: Ironic Hashcapde – Lon’s at The Hermosa Inn

Mission Beach Cafe (San Francisco)
Local Mission eatery (San Francisco)

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