Inception Hashcapade

Is this really happening or is this an inception? Has someone infiltrated my dreams? Have they set me up for a hashcapade of epic proportions by magically transporting me to The Screen Door? Happily, the answer is yes and yes – Eames was sitting across from me at The Screen Door! And he was hungry!

Eames, er, Nich next to the massive Fried Chicken & Waffles.

In the movie Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio infiltrates the chemically-induced dreams of a wealthy industrialist’s son to plant the seed of an idea, an inception. Just as DiCaprio assembled a stellar team to pull off the inception, I needed a first-rate team to do the seemingly impossible: infiltrate The Screen Door for a hashcapade! And as luck would have it, Lindsay’s husband, Nich, looked exactly like Eames!!!

The rest of my entourage were ace foodies – Lisa, Lindsay, Cory, Mary, Liz, Lilly and Dawn. We methodically employed a previously unknown kicker: reservations! It turns out that groups of 6 or more can get reservations only when Screen Door first opens. The nine of us had a strategic win before ever setting foot inside!

Two of The Screen Door’s signature Fried Chicken & Waffle awaiting diners.

Once seated, we had a commanding view of the kitchen and eagerly watched massive plates of scrumptious southern cuisine being staged, then whisked away to hungry patrons. Although nobody in our party was an expert chemist that could induce a dream state, the sight of the food and the tasty Bloody Mary I ordered sufficed. My mind was perfectly prepared for and receptive to their Beef Brisket Hash!

The Beef Brisket Hash – one of the “smaller” servings.

As I tucked into my hash, the smoky, roasted brisket melted in my mouth. The potato, red pepper, caramelized onion and green onion rounded out the dish. I have to say that there was no shortage of brisket, seemingly in keeping with their mo’ better theme. Cory had the same hash and proclaimed that he wouldn’t eat the rest of the month!

Others were enjoying southern classics like the Fried Chicken & Waffles (Nich and Mary) or Po Boys (Liz). Lilly enjoyed her Tofu Hash with potatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, spinach and mushrooms. Lisa, Lindsay and Dawn had the Vegetable Hash with snap peas, cauliflower, asparagus, fennel, and potatoes.

The Veggie Hash – loved the flavor of the fennel!

In a food coma by this point, I almost expected music to start playing and to be jolted awake to find myself still in bed. I anxiously grabbed my totem, a Blackberry, spun it, and watched as it lazily rotated then slowly stopped – this was no inception!

When the bill arrived for nine of us, I imagined the total to be roughly the equivalent of Tonga’s GDP, but was pleasantly surprised that it cost so little for so much delicious comfort food and drinks! After two failed attempts, I can now add this to my list of Portland hashcapades and know it really happened – my totem proves it!

Happy Hashcapades,

5 thoughts on “Inception Hashcapade

  1. Beef brisket hash? In the words of Kate Bush, "mmmmmmm, yes!" (and no, I haven't tried it, but would probably come up with that expression).

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