A Toast to Toast

Now that all my family and friends have become hash-assimilated (resistance is futile), new hashcapade recommendations pop up all the time. The most recent suggestion came from Lisa’s coworker who mentioned Toast. After I dutifully added it to my list, I checked to see if Toast was on twitter and found them, @Toast_PDX – instant follow.

That very same day, I saw this tweet: “Creme Fraiche Coffee Cake. Orange Chocolate Muffins. Pomegranate Orange Mimosa. Pork Belly Hash. It’s a good day!  ”  Suddenly, my day had purpose and meaning, but more importantly, a brunch plan! Much to my chagrin, a calendar glitch made it impossible, but @Toast_PDX assured me that they’d let me know the next time hash was on the menu.

Toast – Family, Al Fresco and Bike-Friendly
Diner-supported art makes Toast friendly to all Picasso wannabes.

Well, shut my mouth and damn my eyes! The very next day, @Toast_PDX tweeted me: “-Bacon Hash today – FYI.”  Talk about the power of social media! I felt like Toast was my new best friend and that they understood and accepted my hash obsession! This impromptu hashcapade was on!!!

When I arrived, Kai greeted me as I chose a spot at the counter and excitedly inquired if she was Toast’s tweeter. I wanted to hug her (and everybody like Judah Friedlander in the DMB video, “Everyday”)! Unfortunately, she wasn’t, but she let me tell her all about my blog and PDX/Chez Clark hashcapdesas I jotted down my blog’s URL for her. (In the back of my mind, I’m hearing my 8-year old son exclaim, “I can’t believe you’re Portland’s Hash Blogger!”)

As luck would have it, Toast’s owner, Don Kotler, was there and we chatted about his awesome marketing weapon, @Toast_PDX. He was clearly tickled at my unbridled enthusiasm for my personal invitation to a Bacon Hash hashcapade. Thank you, Lindsey!!! Virtual hug [ ].
(Speaking of hugs, I wanted to hug the Ninkasi Brewing beer tap, which was tantalizingly close, but out of the question on a work day.)

Beer tap tempted me the entire meal – wish it had been the weekend!
Bacon Hash – Hash-a-licious!

And so, a mere 2 weeks after my Bacon Takedown win for Bacon Hash, the most delicious, wholesome and delightful bacon hash from Toast arrived. I was blown away by the imaginative combination of ingredients: pickled red onion, collard greens and carrots with perfectly pink bacon (parboiled & fried briefly?), roasted potatoes, all topped with a poached egg. Kai offered the house-made hot sauce which rocketed this hashcapade to the stratosphere – I was in heaven!

So, I’d like to propose a toast to Toast: Here’s to the most twitter-friendly restaurant in Portland, their amazing staff and their awesome hash! 

Happy Hashcapades,

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