Run Girl Run Hashcapade

My friend, Andrea, has spunk. In fact, she has moxie to the nth power, which is north of a googleplex and then some! Why? Because she is launching her very first running event for women, the Run Girl Run Half Marathon and 5k! So, in honor of her UberMoxie event, I volunteered to help *and* re-create my Portland Bacon Takedown Hash 🙂

Portland Bacon Takedown Hash

Unlike the throngs of hungry peeps at the Portland Bacon Takedown, I only had to worry about feeding 10 volunteers. Cake walk – the prep factor was substantially reduced. My plan was to roast the potatoes in advance and then dice and cook at Andrea’s casa. Unfortunately, spastic trolls bent on crushing my joie de vivre caused my oven to malfunction! Undaunted, I simply arrived earlier and got the show on the road: sweet and Russet potatoes, fresh kale, yummy bacon, sweet onion, green onion, creme fraiche, fig jam, eggs and dijon mustard. Bam!

The goods awaitin’ a good hashin’!

The recipes are in the above hyperlinks, so my real break-through moment was figuring out how to get 10 eggs ready at once. I consulted the oracle (a.k.a. Internet) and saw a few variations of baked eggs at about 325 degrees for 12ish minutes. I reasoned that buttering a muffin tin and simply cracking eggs into it would work well. To add a little flair, I chopped up green onion and fresh thyme from Andrea’s garden and sprinkled on top. Voila!

Egg matrix ready for baking!

Compared to the prototype and actual Portland Bacon Takedown efforts, this was easy! I didn’t have to worry about bacon matts covered with fig jam and dijon. I simply added dollops to the top of the egg, which was nestled snugly in the bacon hash. Show time – would my toughest critics send me packing?

Zane and Tate testing the hash…

Happily, the verdict was, “Yeaaahhh boooyyyy!” My hash redux hit the spot! And so ends another running-inspired hashcapade. Be sure to read about my Hood to Coast Hash too!

Happy Hashcapades,

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