Hash on Twitter

Tweets about hash abound on twitter – corned beef hash, duck hash, brisket hash, etc. As I “curate” my @Hashcapades feed, I look for great pictures, celebrity connections, new restaurants, recipes and even entertainment. And so, here’s a short collection of some of my favorite tweets that amused me.

Hash is used to woo celebrity journalists.

Hash sustains NPR radio hosts.

Hash inspires haiku.

Hash manifests itself in many different forms.

Hash causes prayers for deliverance from injury.

Hash and unicorns make Ewoks happy.

Hash cures jet lag.

Hash cures hangovers too.

Hash is powerfully aromatic.

Hash is Apple's next feature.

Thanks for indulging me. Please tell me which tweet is your favorite! Would you like to see more posts like this?

Happy Hashcapades,


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