Bobby Flay’s Sweet Potato-Chicken Hash

Portlandia, we have a problem…it’s too bloody hot!!! Running? Forget it, already did Leg 12 of Hood to Coast in 90-degree heat – color me toast. Cooking? Forget it, my kitchen is *not* slated to become the inner circle of hell, thank you very much. Hashcapade? See prior comment.

Wait a minute. Begin free association: Hot? Grill. Heat? Spicy. Chef? Bobby Flay. Yusss! (Imagine spirited cavorting and general silliness, which is a form of constant self-amusement for me.) Now all I need to do is pick one of Bobby’s hash recipes from my List of Celebrity Chef Hashes…ah, Sweet Potato-Chicken Hash!

Sweet Potato-Chicken Hash with Green Chile Hollandaise at Chez Clark

As you can see from the finished product in Chez Clark‘s special studio, I used a food-ring to amp up the presentation. I simply copied the version I ate at Mesa Grill in New York. For the skilled hollandaise sauce mavens, I salute you! This was my very first attempt and I barely succeeded with my cheap-o blender, but it worked by following Bobby’s directions.

Now, back to the inside scoop on grilling. I diced the sweet potatoes, drizzled olive oil on them, added a little salt and pepper, placed them on a rimmed baking sheet and into the grill at 425 for about 15 minutes. Watch out for hot spots that could crispen the taters too quickly – I mixed them around every 3 minutes or so.

Sweet potatoes on the baking sheet – ready for the grill!

Another use of the grill was pretty straight forward – place the poblano pepper in its own zone on the grill, crank it up to high and let it roast. I simply turned it every time I tended to the sweet potatoes. Once it was nicely blistered and scorched, I placed it in a paper bag, sealed it and let it sit for 10 minutes or so. This little trick makes peeling the skin a piece of cake!

Grilling the poblano chili is super easy.

My final heat-reducing strategy was also a time-saver – buy a rotisserie chicken. The grocer gets to worry about the hot kitchen while I double-down on getting to the finish line! Oh, one more tip: to get the mixture to bind more easily, I added about 1/3 cup of creme fraiche. This also helps with the food ring (no grilling of hash patties occurred).

Getting ready to mix the hash together…
Another view of the Sweet Potato-Chicken Hash with Green Chile Hollandaise

The dish was sublimely delicious and flavorful. I wish I had added more chipotle to get a bigger heat index in my mouth, but that’s why they invented adobo sauce! I scooped some more out of the canned chipotles after I shot this photo to amp it up. The combo of the sweetness from the potato & the honey and the heat of the chipotle was brilliant, just what you’d expect from Mr. Flay!

Let me know if you try this at your casa and please, stay cool!

Happy Hashcapades,

Hashcapade Nirvana List

Well, you’d have thought such a post would have been created before, but I can assure you, none exists on the planet! I’m talking about celebrity chef hashes. I’m talking about hashcapades in Portland, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco. I’m talking about my creations at Chez Clark. I’m talking about hash articles.

To wit, this post is a list of lists for all things hash in one post! Think of this as a Rosetta Stone of sorts, except that this precious cyber stone unlocks an amazingly diverse world of hashes and hashcapades!

Welcome to nirvana and Happy Hashcapades!


List of Celebrity Chef Hashes

Ever wonder which celebrity chefs make hash? Here’s the start of yet another list you can feast on forever! If you see a favorite chef missing, please help me out by leaving a comment so I can “google” him or her!

List of Restaurant Hashcapades

I’ve officially reached 20+ hashcapades in Portland (+ other cities) and thought it might be helpful to have a list, a directory of sorts. Need the website for the restaurant? Check! Need to read my hashcapade for the restaurant, if posted? Check-o-rama! See how simple this is?

List of Chez Clark Hashcapades

For the uninitiated, Chez Clark is the fancy name for my little kitchen where occasional magic occurs, e.g. Bacon Takedown. I’ve tried to organize by main meat ingredient & have a veggie section at the end.

List of Hash Articles

Starting with the article that inspired me to start Hashcapades by Clark Haass, The Humble Plate of Hash Has Nobler Ambitions, here is a list of on-line articles about hash. I’m hoping to curate more articles from around the globe. Share your favorite articles!

The Big Easy Hashcapade from Emeril

BAM! No other introduction comes close to describing this hashcapade, courtesy of Emeril Lagasse. This masterpiece is a big, bold hash edifice from The Big Easy. So let’s kick it up a notch and get this blog started!

Roast Beef Hash with Poached Egg and Wild Mushroom Sauce on Garlic French Bread

My son, Alex, and I were chatting about my blog so I suggested that we create a Celebrity Chef Hashcapade. Whipping out his new Galaxy tablet, he quickly zeroed in on Emeril Lagasse’s prodigious list of hashes and simply said, “This recipe sounds delicious.” Talk about an understatement!

Hash is, after all, about lots of dicing – plenty of hashing here!

Alex started to make a gorgeous, tasty and addicting mushroom sauce with Shitake mushroom, shallots, beef broth, green onion and heavy cream – heaven! While he worked on that, I started on the main section with beef, bacon, onions, red pepper, parsley, thyme, tomato paste and more. Things came together reasonably well, but plan on lots of prep work. Thank God for my sous chef and saucier, Alex! 🙂

Big chunks of succulent roast beef going in – BAM!

After about 90 minutes of total time, Alex and I were ready to scale record-setting hashcapade heights – a garlic toast base topped with  beef hash, then a fried egg smothered in mushroom sauce. We each took a bite and looked at each other, blurting out simultaneously, “BAM!”

Halfway through this masterpiece.

We followed this recipe to the letter, except for the poached egg, which seemed too precarious to be perched on top. Suggested changes for next time would include:

1) Pan fry the potatoes – boiling them can result in a little mushiness
2) Make a reduction sauce of the wine and beef broth – don’t want to boil the beef any further
3) Find a better serving dish – plate is awesome, but a deeper dish might work better

If you try these mods out, let me know what you think!

Happy Hashcapades,